• 2 weeks ago

I remember this girl that I sometimes talked with. I don’t know if she hated me or not because I would sometimes talk with her boyfriend as well, but I would always hear how terrible their relationship was. The boyfriend was supposedly doing things like cheating on her by having sex with random girls in hotel rooms. I’m not sure if those were true or not since they lived pretty far apart, and even though she wasn’t the nicest person, I felt bad for her.
I remember the last thing I heard about her and her boyfriend before I left the group of people who talked about them, was that he was planning to have a child with her, even though they weren’t married yet or was planning to marry. Everyone knew he didn’t want her to leave him ever and that was why he wanted this to happen eventually. It’s pretty messed up but she doesn’t really care how badly she gets treated and it’s sad to see but I hope she’s doing better now.

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