• 4 months ago

crystall_ross is smarter and stronger than Carl Jung. She is dangerous and evil. I hope to prosecute her in the future. At the least, an example must be made, because she may have caused me and people and my pets permanent lasting damage. It should only be shown in-person in a private setting, with consenting individuals, and it must be made clear the risks that are involved. Because it is the most unhealthy thing, mostly because, she is not a human. It is all bad basically, it shouldn’t even be, in the first place. At least not in public… in private, I think even then, it should not be. I think she rapes and takes advantage and manipulates people. And I think that isn’t even the beginning of it. She is likely a serial rapist or worse and has been unchecked because of her power to manipulate and control. It is the most fucked up thing of all time, please be careful, very serious. Please be careful.

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