• 2 weeks ago

Transgenders kind of all have similar characteristics, from what I’ve seen, watching porn online.

For the first 99% of everything, they “act” like they’re a girl basically and all that, play along with it, they’re just a girl, etc… cutesy wootsy whatever…

And then in the last like 1%, when they are cumming, it’s like they can’t hide it anymore, and they just full on just 100% become a guy. They’re just a fucking guy.

I feel like they look down on people in a way. Like they are like, I have a fucking dick, how are you people even looking at me right now? It’s almost like disdain or something.

But it’s like you can’t overcome like the carnal cumming thing, so in that moment, they revert to what they really are, which is just a fucking like small angry man basically.

It’s like they’re all sweet and all this stuff… but at the end of the day, they just want to ass-rape you as if you’re completely and utterly worthless… because, you are, if you fall for a transgender dressed like a girl… like I dunno…

I just keep getting this similar type of feeling like over and over again from these trans girls. I just feel like they’re like I don’t get why you’re obsessed with my cock at all? Like don’t you see? You like women right? The fact that you’re here, means that you failed with regular women, which means you’re a loser basically.

I just feel like they have disdain for their “fans” or whatever. Like, because they “fell for their trick” of pretending like they are a girl, it’s like they have no respect for it or something. But at the same time, it’s like, isn’t that you’re entire schtick to begin with?

Maybe I don’t understand.

Maybe that is how porn kind of works in general? Disdain for the people that watch you because in their life they don’t have it together and shit which is why they’re fans and watch this stuff in the first place?