• 1 week ago

When I was 3-5 I always used my dad’s Phone to Watch Minecraft yt And One day I opened the Gallery, And saw a Nude Video she only showed her B00bs Not Whole body She was wearing Short Jeans And Shirtless, Braless

She was holding a Beer And Saying my dad’s Name I’m not Sure if my dad Was caught by my Mom But after like a week or month they had a Terrible Fight up to this Day I never saw My dad the same way, Everyday I used to pray for My dad to Become rich and Loyal and Kind to my mom and Have no fights

I always Envy my Friends dad her dad had Cars and Rich I was Growing up with a Terrible Environment

I was Late Being born All my Cousin’s and Siblings are 7+ Older than me when I was Born

This made me Learn from them they used their Names instead of The Respectful way Ate and Kuya