• 1 week ago

Actually, no I disagree about guys getting fat, and bald and disgusting.

All these negative posts force me to take a picture of myself, my face.

I’m late 40’s. Truthfully, my face looks amazing. I’m aging well in the skin. I look good. I seriously attribute that to not drinking on a regular basis I believe thats key. My hair isn’t what it used to be. It bothered me at one time BUT I realized that it doesn’t really matter if you own it. My hair is thinner, my hairline has changed, and there are parts of it that are grey, very grey, last I checked my sides and part of my back is at least 85, 90% grey. Now, Fine if my hair is grey, that’s alright, but I don’t like strong grey on the sides and back and brown on top. 2 colors. It’s more noticeable with a buzz cut, which I do have, 2 months old. I grow forever, buzz it off. It’s far from as noticable with longer hair, very noticeable with a buzz. 2 month old buzzcut, I’m not sure if I like using the anti grey anymore. I want to embrace the grey but I have been using anti grey shampoo just on my sides and back for while, a headband a half. I don’t think I like it anymore. It was interesting to see the sides transformed back to brown, not a completely fake brown either, It’s almost too immature looking to me. I like being a real man. I feel like I need some grey at my age. I want to embrace it, so I might lay off that and not that I think it matters, it’s like grey hair, thinking hair if you own it, and wear it, doesn’t make you uglier. Even if you are a guy like me whose thicker longer hair was always pretty much part of my identity forever, 5, 6 years old. I’m not sure a buzz cut is my thing, it’s hard to find a good hair cutter these days, seriously, I hate every hair cut I ever get 100% of the time these days. People suck. They are not a skilled as the hair cutters of the 80s and 90′. Not even close. They cut hair with clippers a buzzer and not so much scissors, so if you make them use scissors, you’re fucked. It’s brutal. I hate it. I would rather give myself a punk rock haircut and fuck you all. But whatever. That’s hard. It’s easier to just buzz it off. People are dumb. It used to be so easy. They were so good, the only time they break out the Clippers was for sideburns and leveling things out the back, around the ears. But if you own it, you end up being more attractive. You don’t need a buzz cut, just shorter neat. The problem is people are faggot losers with poor taste in their own looks, Southey have these preppy faggot buss seeking the ears with a 2 or 3 and a 6 or whatever on top and then they wear their faggot hat. It’s not sexy. It’s not rockstar. So these ding a lings are too incompetant to give me a good haircut for $25. It screams “scrotum” at me. not in a good way. Or I could go the word hipster one were some faggot is getting ilbis side buzzer with his manhunt haircut is pinned up, by a chick with tattoos and about 30 rings in her face. What the hell is this? How much? Well put it this way she gave me a card for $10 off my first haircut. Are you kidding me? Is it $80 for a haircut and I can’t just walk in and say “I need a haircut, obviously, look at me? I look like Ted Jasinski, remove it from my head, this off here, this there, and in 5 minutes it was perfect? It’s a jungle out there. You could even say a zoo.

I think I’m gonna buy myself some nice new clothes this fall too. Try to separate work wear and outside. Maybe by a new cool leather jacket, take some of my old style back, nice shirts, boots, shoes. That kind of thing. Some of what would have been my style, and in my opinion doesn’t go out of style.

I find myself lately checking out some older women and thinking “yeah, you know what she’s hot and good looking. I would do that… grey haired women, and I mean attractive women maybe my age, up to 10 years older. it amazes me when that happens. Those are ones literally stop as I’m passing but and just look at her face. There is tons of pretty “older” women out there. Just the same as if I knew a 25 hear old woman who liked me, I’d be down, there’s plenty of good looking older women out there. Fuck what all you on here think, I guarantee you a woman like that would be into me in the right situation.

I’m not overweight, still in good shape. I’m pretty good. Realizing that not everyone would think that way when it me.