• 1 week ago

Playing DnD with some friends (all 25+). Majority are new. We have the usual Session Zero expectations and a few sessions in, schedules change. We all agree, like adults, to ground rules. Same day, same time. If you cannot make it, just drop a line. If you do not communicate, your character is punished. First occurrence happens, PC thrown in jail after an albeit silly drunken tirade. Player does one more session (maybe not, do not remember) and passively quits. Instead of telling our DM, tells a group friend that Player quit because “didn’t like how his PC was treated.” How about, “Fuck you for going to a last-minute party and not telling anyone you could not play?” We all agreed to the rules and you suffered the consequences. But I guess you can’t handle consequences because you aren’t responsible enough to send a message but plenty happy enough to share your social media post. Worse, you didn’t even tell the DM that you just don’t want to play anymore. Don’t be noncommital. Just say, “I do not want to play anymore.” I hope we kill your PC off in the same hiliarious way you got thrown in jail. Fuck you, you wax stick.