• 1 week ago

REPLY TO: lgbt has turned into a hate cult now that tries to force more soldiers in it by their dumb labels all the time.

I couldn’t agree more, the term itself is just a label that basically means “Other people who aren’t straight or cis” which can be offensive to both sides, and why must there be sides anyway? Wasn’t this about being inclusive and loving regardless of people’s emotions and sexualities to begin with? Now people are treating things like being part of this cluster term like some sort of trendy thing, when they’re really just jealous and guilty that people of their likeness are the “victimizers,” and that was enforced when a few generalizing morons showed up. Imagine how fucking annoyed you’d feel if you were actually gay or trans but you couldn’t fucking prove that you actually were to someone because so many people are pretending to be so that they aren’t perceived as the “bad guys,” which originates from a few generalizing morons. Just because a certain group or likeness is being victimized, that doesn’t mean the opposite group(s) or likeness(es) is the victimizer. It’s just a vicious cycle maintained by wannabe activists, who are a mockery to real ones.

-Blazing Sun