• 2 months ago

I absolutely wish I was never born or was part of this stupid life, I hate myself so fucking much and I wish I strangled myself the day I was born with an umbilical cord or whatever. Am I a bitch for saying this ? For complaining all the time ? Is life going to punish me even more so I learn how to be thankful the hard way ? Ofc it’s always me who pays the price, why would anyone I know go through the shit I’m going through right ? There’s me, a free punching bag for this life to kick. Fuck this life, from the bottom of my heart, fuck this life. Why the fuck was I even born ? Is this the life all the religions warned us about ? The ” life is so tempting but beware to be a slave of it because it’s temporary ” like ??? You call this life tempting ? As far as I knoe life is the worst thing I have ever experienced and if I had the choice I would NEVER choose to be born. I’m not even a bad person, like yes I’m not perfect but I never in my whole life hurt anyone, I always wanted to be the reason someone smiled, I helped people and I did my best to be good but life keeps treating me like I’m some sort of a freaking villain like wtf did I do ? This life is so ugly and unfair, really really really unfair, and I wish I was never part of it ! I’ll never be happy nor in peace with myself, I’ll never wake up happy or sleep happy or be in a state of contentment, I’ll never love myself, this life was not made for me, this life treated me like absolute shit and yeah I said it I give up, I’m not gonna kms because why would I do that ? I’m already here might as well continue until I reach the final line, but yes I give up, I’ll no longer do any effort, I’ll be depressed ever single second and cry every night and hate myself every minute if that’s what life wants then that’s what life get, because I am so fucking tired, I’ve been trying my whole life to do shit that was way bigger than me, I was a child forced to be mature, I was a teenager forced to be an adult and I’m an adult forced to be happy while all I have in my memory storage is a never ending pile of trauma. Thanks life for being the absolute fucking garbage ever