• 2 months ago

Also, in case you haven’t clued into it, it doesn’t matter who or how many are involved, I don’t really care about them, they are actually pretty insignificant, I think they’re insignificant to you too, but I lay blame solely on you. Not in a revenge I’m gonna get you kind of way, just in a way where I’ll never forgive you or buy into anything but ill will towards me on your part. I don’t think it will ever go away either no matter where you are in life. It’s an obsession. I also know you and me are the only ones that really know how it went down, what I did/do and didn’t deserve, what I don’t. It’s just you and me. Anybody else doesn’t actually know. So if anyone knows the real thing it’s you and me. I’m good with that. I don’t know if you have a conscience or maybe you don’t, you could be a psychopath, no doubt your ideal man is actually most likely to be a psychopath. Statistically, real life. You are probably related to one or two of them. What’s to say you yourself are not one? From what I have seen, you could very well be. Not that knowing me when you did didn’t contribute even a bit to that, but you know…. I paid for that and I continue to pay for my inability to make the right choices when it came to you at the time. When it was important. Actually I made the right choices but didn’t stand by them. I’m to blame there. As they say “you have only yourself to blame”