• 2 weeks ago

I heard my sister Alissa on the phone and knew that it would take about 20 minutes or so for her bff Shannon to ride her bike over. I had been stroking off in the garage for most of that time when she rode right in and saw me playing with myself. “Oh my god what are you doing?!” She was very surprised to say the least. Her pretty blue eyes barely leaving the sight of my 17yo cock that is thick and measures just over 8″ when I pull it out of a girl I am fucking. Several girls have wanted to measure it over the years and when I’m fucking is when it’s biggest. Probably as I’m coming. Jacking off it’s usually about 7 3/4″. She got off her bike and set the stand without taking her wide eyes off me stroking my dick. “Why are you still doing it? Why are you out here playing with it? Oh my god it’s really big! I’ve never really seen a guys dick before, just my little brothers a long time ago but he was only like 3 or 4 or something!” One long excited sentence and as she took a breath I asked if she didn’t tell, I would let her finish off my orgasm for me if she wanted to? I saw the flash of excitement in her eyes. “What!? You mean me play with it?! Me?! Why don’t you just stop?, I mean it’s really neat looking and cool and stuff but why don’t you just put it away back in your pants?!” I explained about blue balls and we talked a little all while I was still masturbating and admiring her sweet alluring and maturing 13 year old body. She was a little embarrassed at my checking her out but she loved it at the same time. I moved to sit so she sat beside me on the bench seat of my project car and checked me out closely. “They really are like balls!” She even kissed it and sucked on me for a few seconds as I felt her up gently over her clothes. I squirted 3 days of saved up cum very powerfully after edging for nearly 40 minutes. She was delighted with it but didn’t like the mess. When I licked some of the cum from her hand, she tried some. She liked it so then she licked and slurped us clean of all my sperm. “Next time you can suck on me and just swallow so it’s not so messy.” “Next time?” “Oh yes, I have got to give you an oral orgasm that will blow your mind.” “What!? you mean… you mean um, lick… um…” I laughed lightly, “Yes. I mean I could just rub you off like you did for me, but I would really, really like to taste your pussy.” I saw it in her eyes as she fondled my balls. “And to be honest, you will really enjoy my going down on you a whole lot more than me rubbing you off.” “UM…” She looked a little dreamy. “Licking and sucking on you and you loving every second of it and coming on my face.”