• 2 months ago

Oh no post-cont. :p Thanks for all of the feedback even if ya’ll WE’RE kinda MEAN, lolol but like where did I lie? This site is for confessing to stupid shit, not to lie! Overall though, I get your point. Plus I called one of my gfs and she helped me figure it out~ So I gave the ‘possible killer’ a fake excuse to avoid going with him to the mall and then this guy responds with like… ‘so we meeting up again tomorrow or thurs?’ and sends me a picture of his mercedes and exotic fish tank (LOL) “-_- This guy.. OH and I looked up pick-up-artist.. Didn’t realize that was a thing. Oof – Is this guy really like that though?? Idk -_-” Anyway~ Again I appreciate the feedback, aaand I won’t msg him for a while – that’s all I can say for the follow up though. 😡