• 2 months ago

Oh no, have I done something wrong? Am I going to do another wrong thing? I went out with this guy for lunch, so we could get to know each other as friends and hes like talking about taking me to travel to all of these places, he’s got all of this money, private jets, multiple homes, fast cars, and he’s like I’ll take you for a ride over 100mph blah blah blah. and I’m like ‘ahh I don’t know if we can go to all of these places, I have a bf and I just don’t want to give off the wrong impression’, and he comes back with – …were just hanging out – AGH! and then i’m like embarrassed and well I guess hes right.. so SOMEHOW this smooth talker got my number, and managed to get me out to have lunch with him LIKE WTF. and now he’s going to take me to the mall?? I never say yes to anyone!! But this guy is incredibly persistent and smooth.
He’s making me move so fast and no one has ever made me do things that I don’t want to do. HOW is he doing this??? Normally I am the one who is on top of the conversation. I am the boss. But this guy… wtf man. Keeps throwing me for a loop. And i’m really trying to keep my guard up while being friendly but I’m nervous he may be smarter than me and will outsmart me somewhere down the line. I think he might be a mr-steal-your-girl type vs a friend type and i’m afraid I may be walking in forbidden territory. He says he wants to be my friend, but if that were true would he really be trying so hard? I’m so confused.