• 2 weeks ago

Requirements: Two people are involved in this ritual. They must know each other, and be fully aware of both what the ritual entails, and its consequences.

Step 1: Make a salt circle at least twenty feet in diameter. Make seven smaller salt circles from north to south within the larger circle. In the center salt circle, place the head of a bull so that its mouth is facing west.

Step 2: When you are ready to begin, stand in the circle farthest from each other. Each reveal, in order: a damaging secret someone has entrusted to you, a secret that will make the other think less of you, and a secret that has the potential to cause the other genuine emotional harm. As you reveal each of these secrets, move from the outer circle to the inner circle.

Step 3: If the ritual is successful, and the secrets were significant enough, the first person to reveal will be informed of the location of their greatest enemy.

Notes: During step 2, if a participant wishes, they may intentionally break one of the smaller salt circles. If they do so, they will be granted a minor boon and the other participant will immediately die.