• 2 weeks ago

Thursday, before our parents left for a long weekend I got behind my sister, reached around and started squeezing and fondling her barely handful sized, 13 year old breasts, even with her padded bra. “Would you stop it!” I had done it a few times yesterday and a couple times this morning. We knew that we were going to fool around and she wanted to learn some things and practice some things, but not loose her virginity to me. Or as she said, “Not yet anyway,” with a coy, cute grin and a giggle. I just turned 17. We used to play “Naked games” a lot but she got mad at me and stopped 2 years ago when she saw and then watched me Going to town sucking and fucking her best friends older sister. The girl was 17 to my 15 and my sisters 11 years. They moved away a month ago and my sister got very lonely since there is no one else for her to bang around with so she apologized for being a baby about it and a bitch, where I apologized for having a boat load of sex with her friends sister not considering that she might get jealous or hurt by it. So we hadn’t really done anything yet but talk and my fondling and groping of her. Over the weekend we locked ourselves away and I taught her everything I knew about sex and girls and guys. Much to my pleasant surprise she became very willing to practice and perfect every thing sexual including vaginal and anal sex, but not a few nasty things that neither one of us would do. Pretty much like I had been taught when I was 13. It was by a very beautiful, over year long separated, but still married 24 year old who had been sexless for three years. We had a private 8 month affair. Her divorce went through and she moved away. My sister says I can keep my girlfriend happy since their friendly and would like to try a threesome or girl on girl with her if she wanted. She will tell me before she does any thing with another guy to see if I care but she doesn’t see that happening with any guys in her school.