• 1 week ago

Corvallus is right and I as an incel that got at least a few seconds of awareness unlike all other incels that are complete whackos am testifying that incels are all phucked up.See it wherever and where we incels talk to each other that al l of us have mental coditions and illnesses that make living life as normal impossible like all of us got autism and schizophrenic by birth the degrees might differ but the’re all there at the very minimum and almost all of us got way more mental issues than those.Like we’re tripping all the time with all kinds of imaginary and unreal stuff floating around.Everything is so warped and strange and just blurry and unrealistic in out heads.All of us know this on some degree and we do wish to commit suicide just like many have done but we are cowards and the mental stuff takes away focus we need to kill ourselves so we linger like this just festering and can’t control oursselves and become bothers and pains to look at or hear about.Realy the only help you society can do to us incels is killing us.There is no hope for us anyway and don’t let boys that are sick or ugly like us be born for them to just be incels all their lives until they commit suicide finally.Like even incels want to kill each other dead when they talk together cause of how sick and unreal and disabled we all are. Like our conversations go like This and that and I want to harm this and that while the other dude listening to that first incel is all thinking like And what I really like is beating you and killing you incel cause you’re so sick and so unsafe and a burden to all others so yeah!You guys saw it but you still can’t know how miserable and suffering we incels are and nothing works nothing but us suiciding.