• 5 days ago

You goth where’s think I’m gonna just give up, realize the error of my ways, live a quiet miserable life, and die alone? I won’t go to hell alone you two manipulative, money grabbing, deceptive whores. I’m conducting the train and you’re vip. I won’t accept justice for my crimes, I will destroy everyone who caused me to commit them by treating me like a naive cow to be milked. You and the world may deny your crimes, but I will deliver justice to you. You should have known better than to toy with me, but you will understand your mistakes when I come for you. 2 whores need to be punished for taking advantage of a lonely disturbed headcase. The monster they created will destroy them. No one ever takes me seriously until I get vindictive, they laugh at me and pity me when I’m good and earnest and honest… You will Reap what you’ve sown, one day, years from now, when you think I’ve finally cooled off. You have the nerve to think you’re better than me? You mock me? You Pity me? You’re nice to me because you think I’m a lover? You will fear me. You will beg me. You will finally understand what lurks beneath the surface, Sirens. I will drag under like a riptide.