• 1 week ago

I didn’t say I wanted to, I said the person who is upset at what they saw on the dark web should either stay off the dark web, this is not a place for civil human beings, it’s a place for the depraved and deeply mentally disturbed people without any hope. Human shit. It’s basically a bunch of psychopaths and if this person is that disturbed they should stay away, you can’t do anything’s ng about ita, it will happen or get proactive and form a vigilante group with like minded people and find some of these animals.

Plenty of kitten deaths on this site recently. Tonme it seems like fishing by people who are none too bright, for people, maybe a specific person who they know doesn’t like animal abuse and likes cats. Maybe they know this person from a site 10 years ago.

That’s just me, I AM sharper than the average person, I have a big IQ, I pick up on things like that easily. It seems like fishing, using something this person they are fishing for, to draw them out… fishing because you’re a worthless faggot looser or bitch with no life who thinks they are smarter than the person and they won’t notice your intent. Trying to “trigger” (stupid word used by idiot snowflakes) FYI if the person senses that you are indeed fishing… It won’t work. They won’t believe you killed your own cat They’ll just wonder “what does this fucking loser want from of me….”