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I was told by my mom of the visit and told that I would have to entertain a cousin I could not really remember. As soon as I saw my cousin for the first time in years I wanted to have her. My balls tingled and I could feel my dick beginning to swell. I would gladly entertain her for the long weekend that she and my aunt would be visiting. I took Laurie to my sister’s room where she would be sleeping. Not knowing of the two hidden cameras I had put in there to spy on my sister and her sleepovers. I could also spy into the windows, and the bathroom window with ease and privacy. After she got settled in we decided to go for a walk while my mom and her sister had a gab fest to catch up. I was close, guessing that she was 15. She would be in two weeks. I was 19, she guessed 18. In a relatively short time we had gotten comfortable together and got to know each other pretty closely. I felt sure that I could break the ice and ask if she had ever had sex. “Yea twice but it was with that same guy I told you about. He was a virgin too. It was kinda awkward.” “Did you like it?” “No, not really. It was over to fast to really get into it. What about you, do you have a girlfriend or three?” with a smirk. I told her that at the moment I didn’t, but that I did have some fwb s that kept things interesting. She has a bff and they fool around sometimes. She enjoys being with the girl better than the sex she tried with the guy. She had sucked on him once but he came in seconds all over his couch. He has never gone down on her. She loves when her girl does it and loves going down on her too. “I would love to taste your pussy, would you like to have sex with me?” She looked shy, a little embarrassed. We had stopped walking a little while ago to sit on a large flat rock. She looked me over with the same cute smirk,”Mmmm maybe.” “How would you like me to eat you now and have you come on my face?” She almost squeaked in her surprise. Her eyes wide. She looked around. We were completely alone, and out here we would be for as long as we stayed. I assured her of that. “Or maybe give me a blow job first?” She glanced at my crotch then looked at me. “Um yea, let’s try that first I,…I,m not sure that I want to take my pants off out here.” “That’s fine but I definately want to give you a lot of pleasure too. She gave me another pretty smile then leaned over to fiddle with my belt. Being an obvious beginner, she learned quickly with some soft instruction from me. She loved the look and size of my cut cock and trimmed bush. I gently fucked her cover girl pretty face and she liked the feeling, “Kind of like being used like a slut.” She told me smiling. I liked her sapphire blue eyes looking up at me with her mouth full of my cock. Her light brown hair was soft and full. Just past her shoulders that she wore with long bangs she could tuck under on the sides. I hadn’t come in three days so I knew she was in for a good amount of sperm because I had always made a lot. I told her when I was ready and she worked on me with more spirit. She had never tasted cum from a guy before and she kept going until I was finished. She gagged a little on the first powerful squirt dribbling a little but she swallowed all that she could, then looked up at me with a glowing, happy face. “Was that good!?” “Hmmmm that was awesome!” I smiled back at her. “Oh my god right! It was so totally awesome!” She fingered the sperm on her chin into her mouth. “Your cum tastes so good! Do all guys taste like this? She kept licking and stroking me.”It’s kinda sweet and, musky.” I assured her that I had no idea how other guys tasted. She laughed. “I’ve been told that my cum is much better than what some girls have told me they have tasted.” “Your turn sweetie?” She was ready to go and stripped out of her sneakers and jeans in record time, then with only a seconds hesitation, and that cute smirk again, she pulled down her hip hugger panties and stepped out of them. She had lovely slender thighs and a small light brown triangle of hair on her mound of Venus. I just pulled her into my arms and kissed her for the first time. We made out like well known lovers as I pulled her t-shirt over her head and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were exquisite. A nicely rounded A cup with pointy, erect flesh toned nipples and areolas the size of quarters. I made her comfortable on her clothes and made love to her beautiful body manually and oarlly. She had several small comes that built up to an orgasm that she almost smothered me fucking my face. Moaning and cussing softly she trembled for minutes after with a spazem or fifty as I kissed my way back up to he breasts and then her nice supple lips.”You taste so wonderful.” I told her. As I had told her before how much I liked her taste. Her pussy was small and really attractive to look at. It was hot and snug around my finger. I worked my pants down again and worked my hard cock into her. “Oh my god that feels sooo good.” Once I started fucking her. It took some real work to get inside her but she felt amazing.”You are so much bigger than Bill is,… Oh shit your not wearing a condom!” I kept fucking her and she was fucking me back. “Oh yes…yes fuck me! Yes..yes..yes..YESyesyesyesyes Oh shit yes I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming I.AAHHH!! Oh shit yes fuck me! fuck me fuckfuckfuck meeeeAAHHHhhh. It was a good fuck for like 20 or 25 minutes. Her first “real” fucking even if she wasn’t technically a virgin.”I got on my knees and jacked five or six good, thick cumshots on her flat smooth belly and a breast. She giggled and laughed. We relaxed as I licked and sucked her clean. Feeding her my cum from my mouth. We had to get back to the house.

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