• 1 week ago

I find that women are more sexist and racist in the workplace in my experience as a black woman, followed by black men(hate to say it..being both sexist and racist toward me). TBH in front of anyone else there’s a good chance I’m being assessed fairly. I hypothesize that because men have the ability to appeal to a woman’s vanity, a lot of older female colleagues treat younger male colleagues like sons and suitors, They defer to older male colleagues like daddy, or an overseerer, even if he holds a lower job title. If you are a young woman on the job, no matter how homely you make yourself you are treated like a hapless dimwitted sex object, even by women, particularly by women. As far as black men, I just feel like they just feel consoled by the idea of having at least one class beneath them, so they find comfort in undermining women.

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