• 2 months ago

No my little sister is definitely asleep when I’ve been touching her and mostly squirting cum on her face and hair. Some times her pretty face is near enough to the edge of the bed that I can and have used. Just past her soft, sensuous lips to the warm wetness of her mouth. only using my cut, nicely shaped cock head and little more to come inside. You must realize that when I go into her room I have been edging my orgasm for a pretty long time. I’m ready to “cum” and go quickly and quietly. It’s not like I’m jerking off with my cock waggling all in her mouth like damn porn stars. Or standing beside her bed for 20 minutes. I am so ready to empty all the built up tension and sperm that in 10 or 20 seconds on the outside, I’m shooting my cum shots. I’m not face fucking her per-say, not even close. But it was kind of funny this morning though and I kind of planted a seed I hope. Coincidental to your post earlier. I was starting some breakfast when she came into the kitchen. She had her usual tossled look and she was wearing the sexy, if slightly over sized sleep wear. ” liked to think of it as her “Just fucked look.” There was a trail of dry, shiney cum on her cheek. “Morning sunshine, want anything?” “Morning, um not right now but you can cook me some bacon please.” “Yea okay.” She got a mug, poured some coffee and topped mine off. “Thanks, hey new P.J.s?” I could see almost an entire tit for a couple of seconds. ” No there mom’s.” “They look good on you, sexy even.” “Yea I’m sure.” “Seriously, there a little big and you need a good brushing but really, I like the way you look. Always have.” She gave me a crooked smile looking kinda skeptical. “Big date last night was it?” “Yea right like I’ve ever had a boyfriend.” I took that as an opening only I would see. “Well I for one would be proud to have you as my girlfriend!” She looked surprised, her blue eyes flashing. “Of course we couldn’t really tell anyone, and they definitely couldn’t find us fooling around but yes I would like it very much.” She just looked amazed. Kind of dazed. “What do you mean.” She finally asked quietly. “Never mind Lee lee you probably wouldn’t want me anyway.” I turned the bacon. “Oh yea? um, you’ve got a girlfriend anyway what about Bonnie?” I leaned over and kissed her forehead. “I’ll think about it if you will?” She blushed. “I’ve gotta go get washed up and put these clothes back.” She left kind of slowly and I watched the gentle sway of her narrow hips that were just lately beginning to show a nice bit of curve.

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