• 2 weeks ago

I am worthless to you. We both know that. I can not give you what you need in life at this point in time. Not even close.

Maybe 10 years ago we would be fine, more than fine in a few ways, I think we could’ve been great, you had the potential to help me with my head mentally just by being there would keep me on the straight and narrow, but coulda, shoulda, woulda, whatever. I had to cope with everything the way I needed to alone, while beng constantly kicked and it drove me down. At least I know where I stand and I’m realistic about it.

It wouldn’t work out now. I doubt you could give me what I need either. Maybe you should try to forget about it, keep it inside, dont get angry or sad or whatever be indifferent about it and dont speak about it again even like on here?

I hope whatever you moved on to was worth it. We could have been really good.

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