• 4 weeks ago

If you feel that way, you should maybe stop putting shit, especially shit that sticks in between us. Its the same every time, you feed it once and it stays. Its not just “it” either its “them”. You should know that about me by now. I want something thats mine too. If I dont feel confident that it is, I won't get jealous, angry, I wont fight, I just won't go near you.

Especially if there is nothing between us. Words are meaningless. Me saying I love you amd you saying you love me, while true on my part, its just words. I cant be in love with you if I have no reason to be. There’s nothing there to be in love with.

If Im beng honest, some of the shit that sticks also tends to cause me a great many problems in life in many ways, so you could say that just pisses me off. I take it is an attack, which is not love. To me its like hate directed at me and Im left wondering why you would do that, for reasons I dont even know about or see. Understand?

If you put yourself around people you know I’m not fond of, who clearly don’t like me (understatement) simply because of you, how can you expect me to even try? I won’t. I have a back bone. Im better than that.

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