• 4 months ago

I care. When I say I care or love and I put it out there its true but life and people have shown me that sometimes, often times that doesn’t matter. As a matter of fact, you might have started that. You taught me that early. The last few weeks I feel like Ive given you everytbing I possibly can using the limited number way I can give it to you. I dont know where the fuck you are. I have no #s, or email, anything, I have no idea, and I have been in that place bwfore. Forever with some. A lifetime. I could have wasted my entire life and gotten nothing, so I tend to put it out there, for real, and I have faith based on what I say, the specifics, that at the end of the day the person its direced at who does know the real me who, she knows me my heart what kind of peraon I was and am at the core, is reading it knows its true. I dont take it back, but sometimes I need to leave it at that. Theres nothing else to do. Nothing I can do. Say it, mean it and let it be. A person cant waste their life or years months days whetever hoping on something that they dont know will come but maybe never will.

I need something more. What about what I need? I need a lot more. I dont think thats selfish either because like I say, I put it out there. Its real. Its real, Im real, I’m confident in the fact that you know me for real, and you know its real. Thats all I can do. I know that. Im not like the peraon on here crying to someone about ” call me and thos and that and you never cared” Ive been there and donw that long long ago, and I wasted more of my life than I would care to admit and you know ehat it got me? Id got me robbed of anything in life that mattered to me, or had it destroyed.

So ita out there, if you want more you’re gonna need to give more. This is not one sided and if it is, if I feel it is, I’ll pull away and let it be until your ready to give more but I wont hold me breathe. If you know where I am online or off, then you have more on me than I do you. Do something with it, or sit back, and do nothing. You know what that’ll get us? Exactly. Nothing. Nice eh?

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