• 2 months ago

I just caught myself eating dill pickle popcorn watching the looting on CNN… post blowjob. Theres a good shot of a sports clothing store in Los Angeles, I tried counting the pairs of shoes exiting the store (fuck those people can move) I lost track and I can’t believe none of them god robbed for their shoes while struggling on the ground trying to get a grip on the boxes to escape. Some exited the store held them up in the air in victory before running the fuck away. Some pointed others to the “entrance”. Some you see one guy walk away, amd then 6 others who passed him show up like lightning from the same direction to enter. Very limber, those people. It looked like a few of them did the limbo into the broken lower window. Some of thek were so fast I saw them go in, and then leave with like 4 pairs and I though “how in the fuck did you walk in there, make that many selections, in the right size, and get out of there with 4 pairs in 1 minute?”

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