• 1 month ago

YEAAAAAS!! Avenge those poor hurt animals in China dear karma!! Make the Chinese suffer in immense amount of pain and get killed by hordes. Make their loved ones wither right in front of them and make those worthless yellow animal abusers scream in agony and pain just like the pain they have been causing for so many defenseless poor intelligent animals all these years!!! I’m also SO happy to see those yellow vermins get wrecked by Corona! If you’re reading this and you’re chinese go kill yourself you lowly coward animal abuser before Corona comes for your ugly disgusting ass. You yello ugly cowards are so low that you’re too scared of facing your own size and attack people and instead you useless scum attack and torture animals. Shame on you! Death to you chinese no matter where the hell you are! So glad you’re all suffering and dying! I hope your agony and pain grows bigger and bigger until China becomes land with no human population you yellow scums! I’m cheering for you too Corona!! Go empty China of those yellow filth! YEEEAASSS!

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