• 6 months ago

Just because I’m gay, it doesn’t mean I should act and talk a certain way based on what the media and entertainment portrays as.

It also doesn’t mean I should automatically come out of the closet to everyone, not even to my own family. (Yet, here I am telling this to the world anonymously on the internet.)

Besides, there’s consequences to coming out and I prefer not to put myself through all that bullshit drama.

I’m already aware that my family are against the LGBT community.

I don’t believe it’ll be my worth my time and breath because it will lead to name calling, insults, being told it’s a “phase” and having religion being shoved down my throat.

You know what, though?

It’s not my duty to attempt to change other people’s minds because everyone is entitled to their own point of view. Nothing I can do about it but to live and let live.

I’m not gonna force the world to accept me for who I am. I don’t owe anyone anything.

Just here to live my life without any trouble.

I’m also deep down worried about being outed (having someone else tell others and my family about my sexuality) and I hope that never happens.

Sorry for my post sounding all over the place.

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