• 7 months ago

life is fucked up. i got suspended from school so all my teachers hate me and make me cry bc they are all fucking retards. my math teacher was so disgusted by me that he told me i am a bad person, i dont have any friends, and that im to easily peer pressured. All the teachers listen to all my convos and watch me like stalkers. my friends r all fake and are the reason i got suspended. they snitched being the hoes they r. they pretended they did nothing but ik what they did. my ex bestf doesnt talk to me at all and ignores me. my cruch likes someone new. my mom sends me to sunday school where they treat me like im stupid and make me so annoyed. my parents make me dress super conserative and it makes me stand out so much more. im always stressed w everything. in pe my teacher is a bitch and is fat af so idk y he even is our teacher. all he does is stare at the other pe teachers ass. i go to private school that costs 20 grand per year which sounds nice but all it is is a bunch of rich kids who compare themselves and ruin ur self confidence. ik my problems mean nothing and im probably jusy another rich spoiled kid who doesnt realize what they have but i mean idfk.

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