• 7 months ago

I’m a mixed race female and i’m having a major identity crisis. I’ve grown up in england and only with the white side of my heritage but now ive become conscious of the fact that im only 3/4 so i look partly black. I’m light skinned with brown curly hair and i just wanna look white☹️. Theres so much in the news now about rascim and it hurts that the culture i grew up with views me in that way. Im kinda starting to hate the black side of my heritage and im just so conscious of how i look now- im conscious of my race walking down the street, when im sitting at home, i google it. Im just really sick of these fucking feelings. Life isnt even worth it we all go through so much bullshit for what??? I just feel like shit all thr time now i just want to scream everything away ARGHHGG.

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