• 7 months ago

Forgive me father for I have sinned, I just remembered a memory I sniffed out after several years, an incident with my first cousin, we were around 13-14 living together when my parents and her parents had to stay together because, they actually got kicked out for overcrowding at this rent apartment. We were talking to each other and suddenly she started playing house with me, I was the husband and she was my wife. My cousin was actually very attractive for her age (15) she grew faster than the other girls and her body seemed more woman-like, I was only 13 and just discovered pornography during that time, I wouldn’t know how to masturbate but I knew how to hump pillows. We were playing this one day, it was when all the parents were at work, it was around let’s say 2:00 pm, we were playing and she wanted to use my tablet for some odd reason, so I gave her it and then there was the porn on the tablet, she asked what it was and I said it’s what the parents do I think, she started to glue to the screen, completely interested in it, she started to touch herself and she smiled, I touched there to and she said it feels weird, I asked if she wanted me to stop but she said keep going, so I did. My cousin and I were too curious about it, I started moving my dick up and down like the guy was doing and I said it felt weird too, she did to me and I started moaning like the guy was, there was a scene where the guy laid the woman down on the bed and started putting his dick in her, I did the same thing he did and it all felt weirdly good, I moved the same way he did and it felt great, next thing you know we were having sex, she started being a little shy but she pulled me in more, I kept going and we fucked like rabbits. I actually felt my dick moving up and down good and didn’t realize that I just came, but since I couldn’t ejaculate yet, my dick just felt good, nothing really came out.

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