• 8 months ago

To: Karma exists. Read up on butterfly effect, chaos theory and Stochastic process too. The person who wished stage 4 terminal illness, beware. Karma may decide to get you. What you said may bounce back. Beware.

Re: First of all, you put words in my mouth with that “wished stage 4 terminal illness” shit. If you’d go back and read my initial/original post at no point did I “wish” a stage four terminal illness upon people who talk about and bring up karma on this site.

This is what I said: “All these stupid people who talk about karma on this site is gonna suffer from a stage four terminal illness.” That message was joke, if you do not know what a joke is or what the definition of it is please go look it up. I DID NOT mean what I said and I was NOT being serious AT ALL.

I would NEVER, EVER wish a stage four terminal illness or any type of illness or disease upon ANYONE, not even my worst enemy. It sucks and it’s sad that people have to go through illnesses and diseases and it sucks they suffer and die from them. In fact, I just lost a family member of mine to ALS a few months ago after a two year long battle.

When you’re going through a bad, sad, dark, etc. time obviously you gotta brighten up the mood a little bit and one of the many ways people choose to do it is through a joke. A joke is just a joke/humor, jokes not meant to be taken seriously. Everyone has their own sense/type of humor and sometimes it can dark, inappropriate, etc..

What I said in my post was my dark sense of humor, I have an incredibly dark sense of humor and sometimes I joke about things that shouldn’t be joked about and/or isn’t a joke, but I do it anyway as it’s my sense of humor and I’m not ashamed of it what so ever, and others with that type of humor shouldn’t be either.

We shouldn’t be having people like you criticizing us, policing us, telling us what we can and can’t say, what is and what isn’t right, telling us that karma is gonna come get us, etc. just for some jokes/a dark sense of humor and I’m sick of it, I’m sick of people like you and I’m done with it. I’m gonna start fighting back against people like you and others should do so as well. We are our own selves and we control ourselves and make up our own minds, YOU DON’T AND YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO.

I will continue to make jokes and have the dark sense of humor I do, and I don’t care what anyone says. I know my message may not seem like a joke, but is it really that hard to see as a joke? Do you expect me to say “it’s just a joke” or lol, lmao, xd, etc. every-time I or others make one? It’s 2019, not the 1900’s, jokes are jokes, humor is humor, get fucking used to it. This doesn’t just go for you, it goes for everyone else living in this world too.

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