• 9 months ago

🎶 Fuckin’ thots, bitch I’mma diss y’all like Travis Scott, I’mma beat y’all like The Rock, scene so bad it gon’ be on FOX, stuff your corpses into a box, now time to get yo’ assed dissed by a pro, bitch y’all already know, I got that fuckin’ flow, all them notes, I wrote, already afloat, like a boat, y’all know I’m the G.O.A.T, all y’all do is gloat, while I fuckin’ flow, now it’s truly time for the diss, y’all solicit nudes on this, sexual harassment is one of your specialties, now I’mma keep dissin’ y’all and spillin’ tea, all this pedo shit be fuckin’ up your repute, nothing can straighten out your sexualities, all that tuff person, bully, defensiveness and toxicity is just an act, now it’s time to get all the burdens off your backs, it’s time for y’all to get back on track, stop wasting your time on this app, I know y’all prolly really mad at me, prolly wanna sue me, but bitches don’t even try to have your lawyer and/or attorney contact me, I’d win those cases, I have the proof, here it is, y’all afraid, it’s very clear by the look on yo’ your faces, yo’ shit responses and dislikes ain’t gon’ phase meeeeeeee (yeah)! Don’t even try to come back at me, y’all know y’all would lose, I’ll keep writing bars like this ’bout y’all, yeah, don’t ever fuck with me ya bitches. lol. 🎶

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