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To: I wouldn’t say I’m a nice guy, I think I try to show everyone some respect, man woman, whatever, and I dont want any bullshit.

Me: Hi Shit Head, it’s me Asshole. I prefer not to be called any names as I’m not a toxic piece of shit unlike you, as any – look at you, your head is a lump of brown, smelly shit and God knows what you use for brains – probably, that was you hiding behind the door, when the brains were being handed out and someone should wipe the shit off your mouth for me. as I’m too far away to do that myself…since you seem incapable of normal speech and you write how you speak, so Duh!!……….
Want to play name calling games with me – I’ll run rings about you, but the problem for you is your mates are going to read my posts, because they know who you are and where you live, but they don’t know me from a brick – so they will be calling you the names I give you, either to your face, or behind your back and laughing at you, without you knowing it and from here on in, it’s a downward journey for you, my “not friend”. Have a rotten day, I won’t wish worse on you, it would not be fair.

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