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For me, if I run into a past “love” it could even be what I consider my first real heartbreak which was childhood not either of us, we just had to separate.

If we ran into each other, and actually recently I think I did, I’ve crossed paths with her sister, she was either with her son who is an older guy at least mid 30’s and for the record we would be 45, OR she has a 30 year old guy, I walked into a dim lit restaurant to deliver something, and I don’t know if it was her for sure, but waiting to be seated was this woman facing away from me not seeing me, and a younger thin tall guy. I stopped behind her hoping she’d notice so I could get by, the guy she was with tapped her, I said “I’m sorry…” as I walked by and I walked by not really looking over at her but as I got past her, the way she said to me “it’s alright…” and matching me, I think I have very recognizable facial features, she wa s looking at me face, the side of it as I walked past, but the way she said “that’s alright” or “it’s ok…” the tone of her voice, the way she said it seemeseemed sweet, and I want to say sympathetic, that’s probably the wrong word, caring, but it struck me. I intentionally went out of my way to walked past their booth on the way out, her facing me, she didn’t look at me, but knew it was me. I was indecisive, but it could have been her. I know she cared at some level, even if she made out like she didn’t. When I left, which wasn’t a choice, it sort of was, but it had nothing to do with her, it had to happen, and I know it probably had some affect. I KNOW based on a time we ran into each other another time in our 20’s, it mattered. I know based on her sister and her reaction, it mattered. It hurt me too and it mattered to me

That sweet woman, which as far as I knew it, gets my love and respect. I would do or down for anytbing she wanted.

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