• 12 months ago

Hey, 4’10 David Cho at Northwood High:

You always thought you were better than me and you treated me like shit for no reason. You bullied me and you were a prick as much to me as Vi Sam, Stephanie Chan, and Joseph Chen. I was so hurt by all of you.

You all continued to bully me, harass me, isolate me, spread vile rumors about me, and doubt my abilities even when I was accepted by Stanford for my phenomenal grades and community service.

You all hurt me physically and tormented me regularly for no reason other than the fact that I worked harder than all of you to earn my good grades.

You threw pennies at me, called me poor, told me I was worthless, and told me to get plastic surgery so you wouldn’t have to look at my ugly face. Remember that? Because I can never forget.

I did nothing to you. I said nothing to you. And yet you persisted in hurting me for no reason other than for your twisted endeavors.

Good thing I got into a high level school through my own hard work while not one of you made it to a good college.

While I was busy studying and learning how to invest in stocks, you were all getting drunk, doing drugs, and getting pregnant at 15.

It took me years to realize how I didn’t deserve any of the shit you all put me through. And at the end of the day, you all are forever working low level jobs and stuck shitting out kids. You’re the type of people, who now work 9 levels below people like me.

I’m glad I survived your bullshit tormenting. Good luck with your life.

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