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this is the first and definitely the only time i will ever mention this anywhere except my head

i cant be near my cousin, i have not willingly been near her in years (i will avoid her at all costs except when i have to sit near her on like a car ride or something)
the reason is because i kinda have feelings for her which i know is really fucking weird but i cant help it she is so pretty and kind and idk i mean i also have/had feelings for other relatives but she is the most prominent, maybe its because we are the same age and i grew up with her as my best friend but i just wish i didnt act like this i want to be friends with her again but everytime i see her i just get those feelings its just i had to finally get this out somewhere i have been feeling and hiding this since i was a young girl

i will never ever act on it or tell anyone about it except here because as you know uhh people dont really like incest much ya know? like its illegal and taboo and she is like full straight

anyway enjoy my confession

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