• 12 months ago

One of the things that’s always perplexed me about my ex was her judginess towards colors. You know as people do when they first start dating is talking about trivial shit. During one of these talks I mentioned that blue was my favorite color, specifically cerulean blue. To which she responds “Blue is such an immature color, red is more mature” or something like that. I remember being hurt by that comment but I let it slide. But it should have been an insight to how she was going to be. But I won’t get into that, that’s not the point of this “confession” To me, if you base someone’s maturity level on likes and dislikes, I have some bad news for you. You’re the immature one for thinking that’s a good basis to go on. Some of the most mature people I’ve ever met still watch cartoons. Still eat cereal in their PJs etc etc etc. It’s just like going to church doesn’t make you a good person. You can’t evaluate someone like that. You have to look deeper. So please, don’t be like my ex, Don’t be an asshole. K thnx.

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