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I want my distant cousin to fuck the shit out of me.

Today we met up in a family gathering, and me and him went up to one of the bedroom, first with a couple of other cousins then one by one , everyone left until it was just me and him. He got pretty close to my face, his hands up and down my thighs, looking into my eyes, but nothing happened, because people started coming in. He continued when they left but we didn’t have time to do anything extreme. He is such husband material, making me food only, coffee and all. He is such a tease. He is so touchy whenever he is with me to me only. And I love it. I love his attention.

I just hope next time something will happen. Every time we meet he is more touchy and gets more closer in my face. Tries to find out if I’m single or not all the time. When I’m single he is taken or talking to a girl but when I’m taken he is single. Man he is amazing. I just love him

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