• 1 year ago

Update: Since a few of you seemed concerned I figured I’d tell you how ending things with my “master” went. I decided to do it today and not wait until the weekend. I got my things from his house before he got home so I have most of my stuff.

How did he take it? He thought I was playing around for attention so he flirtatiously told me I was being naughty blah blah. Eventually, he realized I was serious and started trying very hard to seduce me into his bedroom. When that didn’t work and he noticed my things were gone, he got pissy. He ranted about how I’d be back when I realized I needed him and how the more I did with another man, the more I would have to atone for when I came crawling back to him. At this point, I decided it was time to leave but he wouldn’t give me my house key back. He said I can have it back when I return all the gifts he has bought me. I told him he could have everything back but the sensitive items (i.e. underwear). He said that I’d never have my key back then. Then I got angry and said I’d just change my locks. He called me some names and I left. He texted me a few pictures of items I forgot at his house and told me he’d throw them out if I didn’t come get them but I don’t care about them.

I think it could have gone worse. What is strange though is that he commented our safe word on all my social media profile pictures (he’s blocked now). I don’t know what he was playing at when he did that. Nonetheless, I’m excited for my date!

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