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She was perfect. Smart, funny, caring, determined and driven. Amazingly beautiful. Inspired and inspiring. She didn’t like to dance in public. She liked pizza and sushi and sometimes the simplest of things made her smile. She was spectacular in bed….could make love like it was the last time but would fuck me stupid too. She kissed me the same way. She dirty talked. She sweet talked. And when she let down her barriers her heart just poured out the most caring emotions. She smelled really good in the morning. She took short showers. She trusted. She was deserving of trust. She wasn’t overly jealous. She had beautiful eyes, sexy feet, a killer body (best ass ever), collar bones that belonged on a statue, a back you could dream about and legs that never finished. But it was the face that got me. She was too beautiful. Too pretty. And she did this thing when she turned right (maybe left too) that just killed me. By the way her hair was nice too. She took no shit but forgave really quickly too. She made me feel good about myself. She made me feel good period. She had things that drove me nuts (hated if I left messages on seen without replying….but she did it all the time) and I loved her more for those things. And I loved her. I truly did. And she loved me, with all my flaws and all the things that should’ve held her back. She made my life better every single day. Still does.

The sad part is all those things are still true. The sad part is we promised forever but just couldn’t stand the pressure.

It felt right, it’s like that Etta James song At Last…..like finally. But maybe we just overlooked all the things that should’ve have made us thing stuff through….it just felt too good. She was the one.

Our lives together didn’t last long; but it felt like a lifetime.

I will always love her. She deserves the world and I hope she gets it.

Fuck it, if I’m being honest….I just want her back.

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  • Are you a woman?

    What kind of a man would listen to Etta James?

    Anonymous February 9, 2019 2:24 pm Reply
  • You had me at short showers. If I could just find someone who didnt’ use up the hot water, i’d be fucking set for life!


    Anonymous February 10, 2019 11:01 pm Reply

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