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why does my mom have to rely on me so much for things in the house to get done. shes always been this way and never asks my brother to do as much as i have to do. im a college student and it comes with a lot of work but my mom apparently doesnt understand that. my brothers at home all day and shes fine with him just being in his room playing video games for hours on end, but the minute i come home, i have to haul ass and do so many things right then and there before she gets home and if i dont, im in trouble. i just want her to understand how her expecting so much of me is putting a lot on me and wearing me down. but i think id see pigs fly way before she even gets close to understanding where im coming from

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  • it’s time to have a sit down talk with her about the burden of college. It’s not like playing video games.

    Does she want you to get good grades and be a success —- or does she want you to be exhausted and fail? It’s one or the other and the question deserves an answer. Time for the royal one to get off his ass and help out.

    Anonymous January 24, 2019 12:19 am Reply

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