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first of all this isnt a post about mental health or ome crazy story this si just something that i thaught woold help myself ty type so if your not inerested
about anime click of and watch: High school of the dead (sub), beacause it’s one of the best series i’ve ever watched in my life and i don’t even like
anime, that says something, BUT FIRST read the rest of this and form your own opinion

ok so i just watchws the ntirety of the anime high school of the dead and it’s truly a amazing series its a little risque but for me it dosent take away
from the experience. Anyway the point of me writing this is beacause now when it’s over i fell completly empty inside me and after realizing that season 2
nwvwe vill happen i actully can’t control myself, and that begs the question although i ejoyed the anime so mutch is it good for me and my mental health
to watch animas and good series in general? I dont know why im typing this al i know is that im feeling better in fact mutch better now that i know that
this is out there for anyone to read

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