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I’m worried I might not get enough time to spend with my dad. Me and him live alone together most of the time. My brothers come from my mom’s house but one of them is never home and the other never leaves his room. I’m 15 and my dad is 48 now. He just recently got a job and I’ve been home alone. When he gets home he sleeps from being so exhausted from work. I’ve been thinking about getting a job to help with bills and stuff but I’m worried I’ll never be able to spend time with him. We already don’t spend much time together and I worry about him a lot. Sure he’s my dad but that doesn’t mean that he should be expected to do everything all by himself with no help. Especially when he has to pay for three kids’ child support and he has ADHD. I wouldn’t point out the ADHD thing if they didn’t take his pills away because I knew he could do things really easily with his pills. Now he doesn’t get them though. Sorry for going a bit of topic but there’s so much to talk about

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