• 2 weeks ago

The first time I tasted Steve Sarkissian’s salty shake was in Canada when he played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Once he became a big shot football coach he would fly me in special to drain him before any big games.

“Only YOU drain my nuts completely empty Corvy” Steve said “I love the way you suck me bro!”

As Steve got more famous we had to get more discreet sometimes meeting in fast food restrooms or seedy motels. Steve is a blowjob guy, sure he’s blown out my backsnatch with his Armenian Anaconda but primarily he likes to sit back and let my magic mouth work on his generous joint.

When he was the coach of Alabama he had me work his joint while he hired this local hamburger nigger to give his his asshole and grundle a tongue lashing. Paid the guy only 4 rallys burgers and enough to take a bus home! Oh yeah forgot to mention being Armenian Steve is a little tight with a buck!

—An Excerpt From “Tales From Beyond The Backsnatch: The Corvallus Winslow Story”

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