• 2 weeks ago

ok so when i was at school there were these three ppl (NAME DROPPING AT THE END) and idk they seemed to have beef w each other almost everyday man. like one time one of them was js minding their own business when the second person came up and full on started verbally attacking them. and then the person who was minding their business screamed “F YOU C*NT!!!!!” and stormed out and the second person literally ran after them and they started fighting like punching each other. they got sent to the principals office and idk how but they didn’t get expelled only suspended for like 2 weeks. what the fuck is wrong with the school for not expelling them right then and there. anyway here are the name: Ariella(not involved,js one of the ppl), dominic (the person who ran after the kid) and spencer(minding their own business dude) hope u enjoyed and ill pay for your therapy xxx

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