• 2 weeks ago


why are you lying to people? If you are in a relationship, then stop playing around with me and all those others. just change your status.
I amreally dissapointed that I dont deserve that much honesty from you after everything you put me through. It is unfair to use people while you feel down and then throw them away because your own behavior made them fearful, timid, uncertain and dimmed their light. You suck out all life from anyone who gets too close. and then you gaslight them to believe they did something wrong to make you behave like a jerk. That manipulation and it shows you are a narcissist who doesnt care what happens to people after your emotional blackmail, abuse and contradicting actions. trying to hold you accountable ends with the other person apologizing for feeling upset after being treated like shit.
I guess you see me as non-human, thats why you act so cold after telling me “I love you! I will always be your friend! I donΒ΄t want to lose you!” but always being nicer to everyone else, always making me feel unimportant and unsafe.
Stefan, if you ever hurt anyone again, I will sue you for fraud, emotional abuse, deception and theft. Because you accepted 1200 euros worth of merch that I made thinking you were telling the truth. but secretly, you go back on your words and I see that nothing is ever like you tell me. You have committed a crime of deception.
I wonder how long you can keep up the act to that girl. will she end up trying to kill herself like Naima did? Like Leena and Sandra did? why is it that everyone you love ends up dead or depressed?
fucker. I should never have thought you could really be a friend to me.

i deserved better than that.
give me my life back.