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TO: “He is also comparing taking a picture of a Christmas house”.

The OP said it’s like the family that puts Christmas lights all over their house and property and is angry when people stop to look and take pics.

They deliberately went out of their way to call attention to themselves with unusual, excessive ornamentation. Ironically they are angry when they get the attention they brought upon themselves. What did they expect?

The concept highlights the contrary behavior of people.

The facts are different but the CONCEPT applies to the idiot who had his cock tattooed with the words “HOT ROD”. What did the clown think was going to happen when others saw it? He went out of his way to adorn his cock, to make it abnormal, bizarre, weird, unexpected, strange, odd, uncommon and outlandish.

So it’s not unexpected when medical staff see this weird anomaly that they take a pic of it.
Everyone has a cellphone with a camera. It has become routine to pull out the phone and take pics to share with your friends or colleagues.

The OP highlighted a CONCEPT of human behavior. Humans notice things that are unusual or out of the ordinary. It gets their attention. Humans ignore the usual and ordinary which they regard as mundane.

But YOU couldn’t grasp the idea. You SCREAMED homosexuality! What narrow vision you have. The doctor was not taking a pic because it was a cock. The doctor did not need to seize a rare opportunity to sneak a pic of a penis. Doctors have seen thousands of cocks!

My gosh man, how dull witted you must be to think the doctor was interested because he saw a naked penis! There are thousands and thousands of cock pictures all over the internet. The doctor could easily view or copy any of them.

The doctor took the pic because of the odd, strange, unorthodox, outlandish ornamentation the guy had tattooed on his penis. He took the pic because it was ODD and WEIRD!

It has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. There is nothing sexual involved in it. You have some real insecurities, which you project onto others!

Folks have posted replies mocking you. I hope they continue! You deserve it. You are so dense that you confuse a photo with homosexual behavior. Homosexual behavior is copulating in another man’s rectum or sucking another man’s cock or having him do it to you. Those acts are homosexual acts. Photography is not a homosexual act.

No doubt you go to a woman doctor so as to prevent a male doctor from seeing your penis or from having him lay his male hands on you. You consider that to be homosexual right?

You really are an idiot!