• 2 months ago

My sister took a long time taking a shower and I really had to take a shit. We just ate sonic and it didn’t settle right in my stomach. I told my sister over and over to hurry up but she wouldn’t, she was purposely making me wait. I couldn’t hold my shit any longer, if I waited I would’ve shat myself. So I emptied whatever was left in my sonic cup into a glass, put a towel down on the floor, and took a shit in the the sonic cup. AS SOON AS I FINISH SHITTING, MY FUCKING SISTER LEAVES THE RESTROOM. I hid the towel and the cup in a corner and went to the bathroom to finish. As soon as I got out I went to my room and took the shit cup outside. Literally chucked that shit into a ditch behind my house and it’s probably still there today.

TL;DR: Sister was an asshole and took too long in bathroom, had to squat down and shit in a sonic cup.