• 6 days ago

I was on vacation in Florida to just get away and figure out some life decisions.. Well I was at the beach and there was a group of strippers who kept complimenting my tattoos and told me I’d make a killing with my body, personality and all. I’m a Georgia boy and 23. Have been deciding to join the military just to get some discipline in my life. But they talked me into going to their club and checking it out one night. It’s a male strip club for women, but they have their bisexual and gay clients as well. So I met up with them there and they asked if I wanted to test out a night for an hour or so. I danced on a bar and got down to my underwear at first, made a few hundred within an hour and then I ended up falling in love with it. I made $600 in one night! Of course I’m going back home and moving back herw