• 1 week ago

I have my boss Nikki’s worn panties wrapped around my dick right now. I’m at work on midnight shift. I cruised through the offices, which are empty. I went by her desk and saw a gym bag underneath it. She apparently went to the gym before work and forgot to take it home for the weekend. I opened it up to find her shoes and socks, sports bra and spandex shorts. Inside the shorts was a cute thong. It’s maroon silky nylon with a cotton crotch, and it smells so rich and musky. I have fantasized about her a lot- she’s half white and Asian, mid-20’s,very pretty. She used to be a cheerleader in college. I love rubbing my dick right where her pussy and asshole were. Now I need to decide if I take them, or just cum in them and let her wash out all my sperm before she wears them again.