• 2 weeks ago

It was 2am I went into the kitchen to tell my mother’s boyfriend (who is an alcoholic) to go to bed because I can’t sleep when people are in the hallway so then I joke that I’d hurt him if he didn’t because we joke like that however I didn’t know he was going to run to my mums bedroom scream at her and me for my mum to wake up because I apparently stabbed him with a knife and then he ran at me screaming, shouting and swearing calling me a cunt but then my mother told him to go into the other room to talk to me but he refused and was pushing my very ill mother out of the way to shout at me more while I’m in the kitchen trying to get a yakult drink. I’ve never been more terrified and confused. Why was he saying this? What made him go crazy? Was he going to hurt me or my mother? Then I was telling my mother what happened and I only got up to the bit where I joked about hurting him then my mother screamed at me to go to bed so I went and barricaded the door and I’m terrified currently. Why doesn’t the person I trust the most believe me? I’m 14, I shouldn’t have to experience this. Help.